Second story addition makes the space inside the house double by extending it vertically and also double the square footage of the house. the renovation might create considerable inconvenience and quite a huge amount of expense, but the benefits make the hassle and spending worthy enough.

Can we build a partial second-story addition?

Adding a floor can be done either way. It depends on our need for space and the reason behind adding the space. Besides adding a full second story, we can also add a partial one on the garage or just use a part of our roof to make some extra space.

How much a project like these costs?

The cost will totally depend on the type of the house, but for a basic 2000 square foot house, the cost will be around $160,000 to $200,000. For a partial second story addition the cost will vary from $65,000 to $130,000. The cost will depend on the material and fixtures we are using and specially if adding a bathroom up there as well.

Why do expanding vertically is more expensive then expanding horizontally?

There are many reasons behind it, but the most common ones are lifting the whole roof, reworking done on plumbing and electrical system, building a staircase inside the existing floor and many more.


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More About Second-Story Addition

Needing more space to be comfortable is a very common feeling we get when the size of the family increases. We can fulfill the wish by looking for a real estate agent to get a new bigger house. but why go though this hassle of changing the neighborhood which is familiar to us for years and spent more when we have the option of extending the house.

People go for second-story addition when they want to change the outlook of the house, double the square footage or can’t expand horizontally. Not only that, the extra space of the second floor will also increase the value of the entire house. we can also get a full open yard if we skip the plan of expanding horizontally and expand above the existing floor instead.

What is the most essential factor when designing a room?

The house’s value will surely increase after remodeling the kitchen, but it’s better not to expect every penny back that have been spent on the  kitchen.

How can we find the perfect remodeler for the project?

To get the perfect and experienced remodeler, we need to follow some basic steps. The very first step is cutting short the list of remodelers by getting references from friends, family and neighbors who has already gone through this experience. Then we can look for required documents, go through their previous works and check the insurances they have. If all the documents and work examples are convincing enough, then we can go for the bidding to hire them in a convenient price.

Can my existing house handle the second floor?

Actually this is the very first step to check on before doing any further planning. We need to check if the foundation of the older house can carry the weight of the extra floor. We must consult a contractor and let them check the foundation. When the process is done, then we can go for the repairing process suggested by the contractor or we have to forget about adding a second story.

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