May 22, 2021 | Exterior Design

Must Know Exterior Design Tips for a Standout House




If we can make our house stand out among the other homes in the neighborhood with striking looks, we must find an exterior designer. Because balancing colors, matching lines, and shapes are not that easy as we think. We need to plan things accordingly with expert help to get a perfect result. If we follow the necessary steps and be cautious enough to avoid mistakes, the experience of designing the house can be exciting and memorable.

Find out the purpose:

Before choosing any design or style, we should have a clear vision of what we need, why we need it, and how much we are willing to spend. The process and steps might seem easier at first, and we might think we can get through It quickly, but many people ended up being confused in the middle of the project and ended up spending way more than they expected.

It’s always better to note things down that we want and explain to the builder the primary purpose of changing the exterior. For example, if we wish to more natural lights inside the house during the daytime, we must design the designs with bigger windows.

Make the budget:

Without making a budget, starting the project will be a big mistake. A budget creates a line for our limitations and holds us back from spending unnecessarily. But we can not just sit with a pen and paper and start writing numbers. To make a proper budget, we need to roam around the shops to get an idea about the materials we will use and do adequate research on this subject.

We also need to keep some extra money in hand regarding accidental issues and redo things if needed. After getting an idea about almost everything, we can sit and write down a proper budget with options.


One of the simple exterior design components is brick, which has successfully turned itself into a canvas for the designers. There are many materials for exterior wall cladding, which can confuse us very quickly, so here is the shorter list of some best materials we can use for exterior wall cladding.

  • Basic brick cladding:

Basic brick cladding is an option we must talk about as the very first option. They are also available in many colors nowadays.

  • Concrete cladding:

If we prefer sculptured shapes in exterior cladding design, the best option for this is concrete cladding. This type of cladding is formed off-site and in panel structure.

  • Ceramic cladding:

Ceramic cladding is one of the ancient materials used for cladding, mostly in Egypt. It is best for protecting the structure of the building.

  • Stone cladding:

This is one of the cost-effective and an excellent way to create an aesthetic look in the outer part of the house. Stone cladding makes the house very unique and also brings a level of heritage with it.

  • Wood cladding:

Wood cladding is one of the popular materials with specifiers and is a great sustainable material.

A balance between style and symmetry:

To execute the exterior design project successfully, the balance must be reserved between style and symmetry. Both elements play a vital role in enhancing the look if planned carefully. Symmetrical balance is quite common in ancient traditional houses. A home’s facade requires a few semblances of balance and symmetry to appear pleasing to the eye and properly designed. There are many ways to gain a proportional home exterior—some can be achieved through obvious symmetry, while others are not apparent.

Choosing the right roof:

I this part, we have to choose a durable yet an eye catchy roof. The roof also has to go with the overall look of the house. Here are some questions we need to ask ourselves before choosing the roof of the house. Go for the option that answers all your questions according to your preference.

  • How long will the roof sustain?
  • Does it hold up during natural disasters?
  • What is the weight of the overall roof, and is it too heavy for the house structure?
  • Will the look go with the style of the house?
  • Are the materials recyclable and eco-friendly?
  • Is this type of roofing allowed in the local building code?
  • How much will be it cost for installation and maintenance?

Enough way to let daylight in:

Let the natural light source brighten up the inner part of the house by creating enough way to let the light in during the daytime. There are many tricky and effective ways to use daylight to the fullest.

To brighten up the entryways of the house, we can go for doors with windows. These doors can also be used in other rooms, which tend to be darker. As for windows, we can use the type that makes them look aesthetic and satisfies our practical requirements. For example, we can go for casement, picture window, bay and bow, double-hung and sliding windows to give us more ventilation.

Another way to let daylight in is, installing light tubes, where windows can’t be established. These light tubes are easy and cheaper to install. We can have these for only $500.

Make the entrance unique and memorable:

The house entrance is the first thing visitors see when they come to visit our house. So we should try our best to make it a bit unique and memorable for our guests. Some of the best ways are using attractive lights to decorate the entrance and customized doors to make the entrance unique and aesthetic.


Planning for a completely new look of the house is an essential and exciting task for anyone planning to design the exterior of the house. But in all this excitement, don’t forget the importance of choosing the right contractor for the house. If the contractor is not experienced and unable to deliver you the standard of work we expected, all our hopes and excitement will be destroyed along with our money. On the contrary, choosing the right contractor, following steps accordingly, and avoiding mistakes as much as possible through proper research can give us the house we dreamt of.





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