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BRC-Construction is operated right here in Cypress, TX. Since our company opened its doors in 2009 in Houston, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services for the construction, home addition and remodeling are the best and come with a personal touch. Your home is the most important asset you have, so when you’re ready to build or remodel, get yourself the best construction company in the business! Most importantly, we work hard to finish each project on time and under budget. In Houston, we have open and candid communications with our clients. Clients’ satisfaction is our priority, and we are always pleased to offer a free consultation whether it is for custom house construction,  remodeling home or home additions in Houston and surrounding areas including Cypress, Woodlands TX, Memorial City or Bunker Hill Village.


We will turn your vision into reality with top quality materials and builders.

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We can design and build your project. You dream it we can build it.


Our professionals will keep you project on time and on budget.


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We take the lifetime approach with our customers for provided services. 


General Contractor in Houston for Transforming Dream into Reality through Remodeling or Additions.

Affordable solution for general construction, your home addition, building your custom house, and remodeling needs at Cypress, Memorial, Galleria and at any other area of this greater Houston.

When hiring a general contractor company to perform Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Second  Story Addition, Garage Apartment or Home Addition, Master Suite Additions, Garage & Attic Conversations, etc. indeed time is money – so the job has to be done quickly and efficiently.  When you are more concerned to avoid any hidden charge or any surprise fees, then BRC is the ultimate solution in Houston.


General Contracting, Construction Management, Design-Build.

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Experienced General Contractor for Home Additions within Budget

In Houston, Cypress, Memorial City and Bunker Hill and Woodlands, TX  areas we have experienced team for custom home additions, whether it is master suite addition, second story addition, Kitchen Addition, Family Room Addition or adding a garage to an existing home. Often we are asked for suggestions about remodeling or moving due to the need for more space. Again, there are many factors which influence in Home Additions cost like building up, lifting, building underneath and building out etc. Being knowledgeable in this area as Home Addition Contractor, when we are well equipped about the Houston, Cypress, Woodlands or Memorial communities, we know how to keep the home additions cost within budget. Whether you are planning to add another bedroom and bathroom, 2nd story addition or a master suite. BRC Construction wants to assure you best support in Houston. We always prefer to provide a notion for the average renovation or addition cost of any project prior to making a decision.

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Once it is related to the types of Home Addition types, we can include our best coverage scopes, such as extra bedrooms addition,  sunroom additions, second story addition, playrooms additions, bathrooms Additions, decks and outdoor entertainment areas addition, porches addition or it can be adding a new office or even study space addition at home. Being the general contractor in Woodlands, TX our team can assure the ultimate option for comprehension Home Additions or Remodeling solution.

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Construction Service at Neighborhoods and Surrounding Areas of Houston

QUALITY CONSTRUCTION AND EXPERIENCE MADE US APART FROM THE OTHER CONTRACTORS.  Being a general contractor in Houston, we always work closely with you to document your existing space. Being an experienced general or home additions contractor, we always enter into detail discuss with you your ideas and needs in order to create the design. Expert support is always there for remodeling, home additions, second-story addition, or custom house construction. All efforts for construction, either it is for home addition or remodeling or new construction,  we always want to create a more comfortable lifestyle in Houston and surrounding areas including Memorial, Woodlands, Cypress.

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Why Choose Our Services?

Hiring an experienced general contractor in Houston can always save you time, money, and hassle at your construction work, whether it is for the custom-house, or  remodeling and addition.

Interiors & Exteriors

Whether you’re looking to create a minimalist feel or a more stylistically-driven interior, Knockout Renovation can get you there through our defined, turnkey, full-service apartment remodeling process in Houston.

Quality Service

Our pride in project management equals the pride we take in the quality and creativity of our design work. Our carpenters are true craftsmen who bring a well-honed design sensibility to each and every project, regardless of scope.


We are specialized in an all-in-one approach to home improvement. We assign a designer/project manager and an office coordinator to lead your team. Provide you with regular updates, manage the design, and complete post-job cleanup.

Quality and Satisfaction

Professional and Cost-Effective Solution in the Construction Industry for Additions and Remodeling.

We are a professional and affordable general contractor in Houston and all nearby communities. More than 10 years we are serving in the construction industry. We are providing clients with solutions to meet their needs and their budgets and have completed a wide variety of renovation, Home additions, second-story addition and custom home projects, both large and small. Maintaining the commitment to ensure the highest quality design and construction while focusing on time and cost-efficiency. In Houston, We work together with our clients to understand their needs, budgets, and expectations and offer a flexible approach that ensures our projects meet deadlines and exceed expectations.

Without having to sell your house and buy a bigger one, Home Additions is the best option to add extra space at your home.

BRC-Construction confirms availability in Houston, Woodlands, TX and surrounding areas with the best affordable option for different types of Home Additions including two-story extensions, In-law Additions, Bedroom Additions, Bathroom Additions, Family Room Addition, Sunroom Additions, Dormer Addition, Front Porch Addition, Garage Additions, Deck Additions, Garage Conversion, Deck Additions etc.

BRC Specialization for Home Additions in Cypress, Memorial City and Woodlands, TX.

In greater Houston and Woodlands, TX, we provide the best assurance being your Home Additions Contractor role with an affordable budget and service (of course!). We can ensure the ensuing things-


  • Turn your dream into reality, what you want and also add some designs according to what you need.
  • Unique but extraordinary architectural plan to ensure that your home looks good and at the same time feels like actually a “Home”.
  • From your kitchen to the living room, flooring to painting, we can help you on each end. Our company assures that you get a specialized contractor for any specific area like- kitchen design for kitchen, room designer and so on. So, you can find the best ever professionals for your dream project whether your are in Woodlands TX or greater Houston areas.
  • Budget-friendly offer- after reading all the above circumstances, you have already known all the facts regarding our service. You might think that these all facilities would be costly for sure. But no! You are absolutely wrong.

Whether you are looking for Home additions contractor in Woodlands, TX or in Cypress. You might be located at Memorial City or Bunker Hill Village or any location at Greater Houston, BRC  team is always their with a long list of advantages with a budget-friendly package. We offer to work for you with 100% challenge and high proficiency. You can choose your requirements according to your price and also be sure of a 100% outcome.

Commercial & Residentail

Let’s Consult with Home Additions Contractor in Greater Houston.

BRC Want to assure you that we are in the right hand for home remodeling, room additions, home renovations or custom house project. Our experience and acceptance in the communities made us most responsible to provide the best support when you are looking for a Home Additions Contractor in Houston, who has a vast professional attachment to act in the role of a general contractor. Whether it’s a small or big project, wherever the location in Houston or Woodlands, TX, each and every project obtains our highest level of priority. It can be an estimate for Home additions or a generator as a general contractor for your custom house construction.

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We wanted to take the time to give you some feedback on our experience with Ryan as our Project Manager. We really couldn’t have asked for more. From the start of the project he made himself readily available to us. I could reach him easily and he always responded quickly to my messages. He was thorough and always willing to find a solution to issues as they arose. He offered from the beginning to meet as often as we wanted. Although, our schedules didn’t allow for meeting often, we appreciated that and never felt uncomfortable in asking questions or requesting more information during the building process. I appreciated his calm demeanor so much. It served as reassurance that all would get done and to our satisfaction. He seems to have a great relationship with his subs which we have come to understand is quite important in your business. As business owners we know how important but difficult it is to find good people. In Ryan, you’ve found an exceptional PM.

Dr. Wayne Cummings

We hired BRC construction to build a second-story addition in our ranch style home in memorial area we were very pleased with the quality of work and communication from Ryan and his staff throughout the process I would highly recommend BRC construction. The detail was amazing.

Dr. Laving Bauch

We hird BRC construction to do a garage apartment addition in Bunker Hill village. The process was so easy and turn key. They have a very trustworthy and honest staff that communicates well especially since we were at work during most of the construction process. I have recommended them to all my friends and family.

Philip Beauty

Kitchen remodeling refers to updating the kitchen with functional layout, which includes installing wooden cabinets, changing the tiles, painting the walls, setting up a new lighting system, changing the appliances and many more. The fact cannot denied that the kitchen is the centerpiece of the house. An inspiring lift can be given by creating a new look following our dream kitchen ideas. From cabinets to countertops and appliances, a kitchen can get a wholly new and aesthetic look just as the way it is expected with the help of an expert contractor

More About Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is the place where we have some of the most loving and memorable moments. The uses of a kitchen are also different in our lives. everyone wants a house to function as per their lifestyle, but it’s not always possible to have a home for generations. Because with time all the needs and lifestyle changes. This is the part that can be solved by kitchen remodeling.
We can either repair our damaged kitchen, buy some new appliances and make It more efficient by adding some fixtures or knock down the walls and remodel the entire structure, including everything in it. How we want to remodel our kitchen depends totally on our lifestyle and budget.


How long does a kitchen remodeling project take?
Many factors play a role while remodeling a kitchen; it can be said that there is no exact timeframe for this project. The time will depend on the design materials and style chosen. For example, custom cabinets take eight to ten weeks to build. The materials chosen might be found when the project has already started or the contractor might be busy because of the busy season. So it is better to keep several weeks in the planning of a kitchen renovation project.
What should I do before starting planning for a kitchen renovation project?
The best way to get ideas about a kitchen is through magazines and internet sources. Take time and research ideas and facts that wasn’t found earlier. Choose ideas and styles that will go with the lifestyle and make the kitchen more comfortable while working in it. Think about the purpose of the kitchen before choosing the layout and trends.
What are the ways to finance my kitchen remodel project?
The most common and easy way to finance a kitchen remodel project is getting a home equity loan. As these loans are of low interest rate and one of the most secured, we can easily avail them. There are also other financing options such as low to no interest credit cards and personal loans. So research every opportunity to find out the best one.
Will the value of my home increase after remodeling the kitchen?
The house’s value will surely increase after remodeling the kitchen, but it’s better not to expect every penny back that have been spent on the kitchen.
Is it possible to cut costs while renovating the kitchen?
Of course, it’s possible to cut costs while remodeling a kitchen. costs can be reduced using cheap but sustainable materials, making the kitchen more efficient, using paint on walls or floors instead of tiles. There is more about it in our cost-cutting kitchen renovation blogs. Please read about it to know more.